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Right in the heart of the majestic Sea: The cruising excursions are waiting for you

Some fantasize about mountains while some are craving for a trip close to a beach, however, many may love to feel the sea from close. Well, what can be better than cruising excursions? And when it’s about cruises in the Arabian Gulf, you are surely going to live for the moment. Hence, to add some excitement, Dolphin Khasab tours has arranged amazing Arabian Gulf cruises that will take you straight to the heart of the sea in luxury. Surrounded by remains from the past and tempting scenic views, you will be thrilled to be a part of the 7 night Arabian Gulf cruise as it is what every traveler needs to experience.

If you are wondering that there nothing to explore in Arabian Gulf shore excursions, then you are wrong. From fjords to exciting markets, the cruises leaving from Abu Dhabi will lead you to this thrilling experience. Imagine walking on the streets of this culturally rich city on a beautiful day as the cruises leaving from Dubai will take you to historical wonders. The Musandam tour packages of Dolphin Khasab tours are designed in such a way that it will satisfy all your traveling expectations.

Nights in nature’s lap and in the middle of the sea: Cruise Oman are heavenly

Not everyone knows how blissful the journey on a cruise Oman can be. Hence, to give them the fullest view, Oman cruise excursions are arranged. Desert safaris, long-coastlines and riverbed oases, the Oman tourist places are hailed for their undisputed beauty. Thus, we meticulously plan Khasab shore excursions for you so that you can take a halt from your cruise journey and start exploring the streets that are longing for your arrival. We will take our cruises to Khasab port for gifting you with the time for doing shopping and for making self-discoveries. Exciting enough? Well, Oman tourist places attract thousands of zealous visitors from every corner of the world and you must not miss out on the chance of making the most of the trip.

Imagine sailing in clear blue waters in a starry night! What magical experience shall that be? But now these imaginations are not only limited to dreams as the Khasab Musandam dhow cruises will make it happen. The mountainous peninsula and the displays of 17th-century lit fort houses will surely grab your attention. Our Oman travel guide takes you through all the important locations that one looks for in Musandam trip deals. Culturally rich, a reflection of history and amazing food Musandam Oman deals will entice you with its diversity.

Besides being a cruise trip it also proves to be the perfect destination to witness the beauty of peninsula. Many individuals consider peninsula to be boring but once you visit Oman, you will realize how wrong you were. It has the perfect mixture of everything!

So, without wasting a second plan your next vacations in Oman with Dolphin Khasab tours. We aim to be your true guide in your trips by offering heart-warming services and taking you to the most exotic locations of our beautiful land. Stop thinking, start booking!