Oman tourism guide

Hold the excitement: The best is planned for you by Oman tourism guide

What if you can spend your nights in a culturally rich land that offers tantalising views of ocean, deserts and lots more? Sounds exciting right? The unquestionable allure of the Middle East will surely lure you but the country Oman, lying in the Arabian Peninsula has a charm of its own. Thus, Oman tourism guide has flourished and opened the doors for the tourists who have a keen interest in knowing the prosperous country more. Being a beautiful amalgamation of pristine surroundings and authenticity of history, your vacation will be both fun and relaxing.

Dolphin Khasab tours will take you through the best of Sultanate of Oman and present to the tourists an unfiltered side of Oman. But if you are an ardent fan of stargazing, then lay under the blanket of stars on a clear day and fulfil your heart’s desire. The Middle East is known for all the luxuries and riches and also, the lavish treatment that it showers its guest with. And we do not want our valuable clients to feel short of any. We at Dolphin Khasab tours want you to be at luxury without compromising on quality or travelling. Our adventure holiday packages will present you with diverse options so that you can pick the right packages according to your quest to explore.

The souks of the Middle East are one of a kind and have been popular amongst the tourists for ages. Apart from searching through the wide array of local products, one will be mesmerized by the lingering smell of rich spices. But Oman is a lot more than you can ever expect. Thus, visit us by opting tour and holiday packages Oman to feel the magic.

Kayak cruise: Here fun meets adventure

Desert safaris are common in Oman. However, the most interesting part of this whole desert journey is the biodiversity. As the wildlife and biodiversity are completely different in the majestic desert, you will witness a new side of this country. With the presence of desert, sea as well as plain lands, Oman is a perfect stop to experience every facet of this beautiful world. Plus, wondering through the reminiscences of past will surely awake your interest in knowing more about these valuable places. The place narrates the essence of glorious past and still continues to be a visual treat for all the tourists.

But with the passage of time, kayak cruise has gained important amongst the tourists as it takes you on a ride that will enchant you with the glamour of the surroundings. Some even wish to stare at the night sky while laying on a peaceful cruise. Dolphin Khasab tours have all the trips and fun stuff arranged for you. We have exclusive vacation package deals that are tailored to fit your requirements. From dolphin watching to enjoy a traditional feast in a gorgeous night, you command and we make it happen for you.

Visiting Oman will be a pleasurable experience in every possible way and you will surely feel connected with this place. Dolphin Khasab tours want you to be a part of this wonderful affair where you will feel like home.