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Settle in the beauty of nature: Luxury travel Oman will gift you the best memories

Be it a trip to the serene mountains or a vacation with your soul mate to the romantic sea, an upscale luxury indulgent is necessary for satisfying the overall needs. And so, Dolphin Khasab Tours takes the utmost pleasure to introduce to their tourists with luxury holidays in Oman. While you stay emerged exploring the beauty of this Middle East nation, we at Dolphin Khasab Tours will make sure that you receive all the exclusive treatment as expected in luxury travel Oman. Oman is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world, our vacation package deals cover all the noteworthy points of interest that one shall not be missed out while visiting this beautiful country.

Not only do you get the chance of experiencing the historical sites and other tourist attractions, you can also get engaged in some of the adventurous activities that will increase your excitement meter. With kayak Oman, feel the freshness of nature by making your way through the pristine water and further surrounded by nature’s magnificence. The kayak cruise allows you to come close to the clear water of Oman’s water bodies that really looks like a place situated outside of this Earth. However, if you are in Oman and did not take a ride on dhow cruise Oman, then you are surely going to miss a large part of this country’s culture. Enjoy some special moment with your partner or get immersed in the beauty of the surroundings, the Musandam Oman dhow cruise will take you to places that will feel like a ride to the wonderland you dreamt of. We host the best dhow cruise from Dubai that will be worthy of visiting.

Oman dhow cruise is basically a sailboat that is built out of wood and it gives you a taste of the history of the place as the boat is connected to the country’s roots. Apart from being a part of the thrilling activities and kayak packages, spend your night in comfort with our hotel bookings Khasab. Be it a stay at 3-star hotel Khasab or an overnight stay at 4-star hotel, our extravagant arrangements of Oman trip packages for all our tourists will allow them to have a comforting vacation in this gorgeous nation.

Some close interactions with dolphins in Oman

What can be better than getting the golden opportunity of dolphin watching in Oman included your Musandam Khasab deals? Vacations should not be only about relishing on scrumptious local delicacies and visiting places and thus, Dolphin Khasab Tours added dolphin watching in Muscat for doubling your excitement. Furthermore, if you are one of those who fantasise about exploring the underwater habitation, then scuba diving Khasab is just what you need. Our trained professionals take in charge of your magical underwater experience by giving your full assistance of Musandam scuba diving. And finally, you can feel the essence of nature spending time right by the sea by choosing Khasab beach camping. A secluded spot where you can spend your valuable hours with all the people who means the most to you, the Oman tourism coastline allows you to lay on the bay and star gaze while enjoying some quality food and time.

From kayak cruise Oman to Musandam Oman dhow, Dolphin Khasab Tours also bring to you the best safari holiday packages Oman where you will love to have some barbeque moments in the middle of the desert. Thus, without spending your precious time in planning a perfect vacation, allow us to be your companion and do all the hard work for you.