Spectacular Place in Oman

Dolphin Khasab Tours: Is Khasab The Most Spectacular Place in Oman?

There are a lot of spectacular places to visit in the Sultanate of Oman, but the beautiful fjords and crumbling mountains of Khasab are up there amongst the best that this Arabian nation has to offer.

I visited courtesy of Dolphin Khasab Tours, a local tour provider who showed me the best of the Khasab fjords on a traditional Dhow Cruise.

We set sail from the harbour to explore the inlets and islands, seeing remote Omani fishing villages, spotting dolphins and snorkelling in turquoise water.

These Photos From The Dhow Cruise Might Just Inspire You To Visit Khasab Too!

Musandam Peninsula

Khasab is one of the most isolated cities in Oman. It’s an exclave located on the Musandam Peninsular, a mountainous region separated from the rest of Oman by the United Arab Emirates.

Strait of Hormuz

It’s not an easy place to reach. On one side there’s mountains, and on the other, the Strait of Hormuz. Khasab is closer to Iran than to the rest of Oman.

mountainous fjords

The city is surrounded by mountainous fjords that stretch for miles from the harbour, forming a spectacular network of inlets and waterways and giving rise to the name, ‘The Norway of the Middle East’

traditional Omani Dhow boat

The ONLY way to explore the fjords is by boat. And a traditional Omani Dhow boat is best of course.

Humpbacks swimming and diving

Dolphin Khasab Tours really lived up to their name. Within half an hour of setting sail from the harbour in the city we came across the first pod of dolphins, Humpbacks swimming and diving alongside the boats.

Full Day Dhow Tour

It’s not just dolphins in the fjords though, no. There’s also a lot of goats. Given the steep, rocky nature of the Musandam Peninsular, goats abound, and the locals somehow manage to herd them around these jagged cliffs.

All Photographs Property Of Richard Collett

My Full Day Dhow Tour was provided complimentary by Dolphin Khasab Tours, a local operator who provide eco friendly tours in Khasab and Musandam. All the opinions in this article are of course my own though, and after experiencing Khasab with them I would certainly recommend them as an excellent way to see the fjords.

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