Going around for exploring nature’s treasure: Get luxury holidays in Oman

Vacations call for a long trip with your friends or family and with every passing day, individuals are opting for an international trip as they want to witness God’s beautiful creation. Amongst the most popular international destinations, Middle-East has always been tourist’s favourite choice. And Oman vacation package deals prove to be the main attraction cause of the pure beauty of nature. An Arab country situated on the lovely southern coast, you will feel rejuvenated once you step in this beautiful cultural land. Dolphin Khasab Tours being a renowned name offers you luxury holidays in Oman where you will spend some of the most luxurious times in the thriving beauty of Middle East.

Not only perfect for sea-lovers, you get to take a deep delve into history as this place is dotted with many historical sites and there are numerous places to visit in Oman. Apart from that, you can pay a visit to the desert, experience traditional dhow ride and take some time to explore various mosques, an abundance of scenic beauty and so many more to name. And what can be better than walking down the lanes of old Arabian streets? The traditional Arabian market having a charisma of its own and the aroma of the spices are lingering around the market; you will get indulged in a shopping spree. You also get to enjoy the mouth-watering local delicacies of the famous Arab land, Oman. Besides

offering an overnight stay at 4-star hotel, our luxury travel Oman will treat you like a royal by presenting you with many exclusive amenities.

Getting close to the sea with kayak cruise

For making your stay more exciting, traditional dhow cruise has been organized. A sailboat made out of wood, this type of boat is locally known as dhow. Spend some quality time in the middle of a water body and make lovely memories by opting a luxurious stay in the ancient land with dhow cruise. Enjoy the refreshing breeze of the sea, witness the glory of nature and get mesmerized by the shining water of this Gulf of Oman will entice you with its charm. One not only gets the chance to visit Musandam fjords but can also go snorkelling. Furthermore, you can also spend some time with the dolphins and engage in dolphin watching activities. And the kayak cruise will be organized by trained professionals and kayak Oman must be included in your ‘to-do list’

We also have several safari holiday packages Oman that will fulfil your desire to get engaged in some adventurous activities. Being culturally rich and blessed with seas, this place also proves to be one of the best historical sites that also feature an oasis. With a visit to deserts and wadi, get a detailed view of the coastal caravans, establish a deep connection with nature and enjoy some quality BBQ nights during your safari. There are uncountable tourist places in Oman but the safari trips will be thrilling enough to make you want more.

You can call it an all-in-one trip as Oman has all the elements that one looks for during a vacation. Thus pack your bags, get ready and grab best holiday deals Oman with Dolphin Khasab tours. We guarantee you all the fun and with load your holidays with excitement. So, allows us to be your host and we will make you get the most out of the trip.