Is pick-up included for the tours?

Local pick-up inside Khasab is included in the cost. For pick-up outside Khasab, can be arranged at an additional cost.

Is your dhow cruise advisable for pregnant ladies?

Pregnant ladies can join the dhow cruise if they are less than 6 months pregnant. More than 6 months it is not advisable.

Is your dhow cruise suitable for kids?

Kids of all age can join our dhow cruise. We do provide life vest for the kids. Kids have to listen to the instructions provided by the skipper on the boat. Parents have to take the responsibility of their kids during the trip.

Is visa required for coming to Khasab?

Yes visa is required for coming to Khasab. You can apply for e-visa through this website:

How much are the visa charges for Oman?

Visa charges are RO 5 per person.

How much time do I need to arrive Khasab from Dubai Airport?

It requires about 3 to 3-1/2 hours to reach Khasab from Dubai. It depends on the crowd at the border.

Is parking free in Khasab?

Yes parking is free in Khasab. You can park your vehicles at the port during the trip.

Is meals included in your trip?

Full day dhow cruise includes lunch and refreshments. Half day dhow cruise does not include meals. Overnight dhow cruise includes three meals.

Is soft drinks included in the trips?

Yes soft drinks are included in all the trips.

Is towels provided for the trip?

Yes towels are provided for the trip.

Is snorkeling equipment included in the trip?

Snorkeling equipment is not included in the trip. Post COVID, as per the guidelines we are not providing snorkels and mask (mouth piece).

Do you provide life-vest for the trip?

Yes we do provide life vest for all during the trips.

Do you see dolphins during the dhow cruise in Khasab?

Yes we see dolphins during our dhow trips. We see humpback dolphins and bottle-nose dolphins during the trip. These are natural dolphins. We cannot guarantee you 100% to see the dolphins, but the probability to see dolphins are quite high.

Is your mountain safari advisable for all?

Mountain safari is not advisable for pregnant ladies and for those having back problems. It is also not advisable for those having fear of heights.

Is there is an exit fees to the paid in UAE border while coming to Khasab?

Yes there is an exit fees of AED 35 to be paid at the UAE border while come to Khasab.

How do you deal with the person who is late to join the sharing boat for the trip?

We depart the trips as scheduled. People who are late, we transfer them by speedboat to join the sharing boat. They need to pay the additional cost for the speedboat transfer. If booked for half day dhow cruise morning and they are late more than an hour, they can change their booking to half day dhow cruise afternoon if there is a schedule available in the afternoon.

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