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Best vacation package deals and uncompromised beauty: A deal to steal

Khasab, the port city on northern Oman’s Musandam Peninsula is scattering its golden splendour over the years by attracting thousands of visitors by its very royal culture and historical sparks. Musandam Khasab is also known as the hidden pearl at the heart of our earth because Khasab City tour provides you with the most thrilling and sensational beauty rather experienced ever. This place is the living example of heavenly beauty created on earth. And it offers one of the main attractions, that is, the kayak cruise. For all the adventure lovers, it is the most exciting experience in the water body. Besides, kayaking Oman renders you the golden opportunity to exult the creative flavour of nature on the clear water through some beautiful flowers and trees. And Dolphin Khasab Tours provides the best in class experience.

Our Musandam Khasab tour packages are full of adventure with majestic beauty and you cannot resist but cherish it. There are various places to visit as tourist spectacles which are equally well enough to captivate your heart. You can even find the gems of history in Sultanate of Oman Tourism because this place is famous for its historical facts and context. Castles, sky-kissing towers, forts are still present here to welcome you to its elderly era like the fairy tale.

Tours and holiday packages Oman: See the Middle with a new perspective

Musandam Khasab Oman always unfurls its wings to the people who love to travel and explore something new and fascinating. As the cluster of this dream-like city is sprawled all over the city you just need to explore it and sop up it to your heart’s content.

Little far from the city, there is a Dhow cruise deal which can prove to be the best dinner in your life ever. Varieties of luscious local delicacies, as well as some unknown delicious foods, are there to melt your tongue tactfully. Not only about food but also the serene surrounding and gorgeous moments under the sky will definitely press your mind up.

Because of the royal infrastructure, scenic beauty, adventurous rides, exquisite places; there are various Musandam Khasab Tour packages to aid the tourists for a better programme. We believe that any programme should be systematic and pre-determined then at the end of the day, it will be loving and comfortable. If any sort of flaw arises, it can ruin your vacation utterly.

Our vacation packages deals are one which shall help you pass your vacation at ease. Most of the charming tourist spots and the spots which are cloaked in historical gems as well as very amusing exotic places will entice you. The most sought after Musandam Khasab tours packages also consist of many adventure holiday packages. In a single word, it can be said that this package is the most magical pick for you. Covering almost all the tourists’ attractions here and all sorts of amusement, you are surely going to feel like home in this unknown land. The Oman tourism guide will undoubtedly live up to your expectations by rendering you the best trip ever in your lifetime.

Get an up-close view of the wonders of the Middle East and live a luxurious life in the Middle East style, Dolphin Khasab tours will make your vacation goals come true.