Exclusive cruise travel and safari holiday packages

A journey to dreamland: Exclusive cruise travel and safari holiday packages

A life to live and it is mandatory we need to make it memorable enough to cherish it every time. Thus, to make your life an exciting one, Dolphin Khasab Tours has introduced extravagant kayak cruise and safari holiday packages. Loaded with all the fun, luxuriousness and praiseworthy amenities, the luxury holidays in Oman is just what you need for escaping from the daily humdrum life. Breathtaking nature and freshness of a new place, the glorifying surroundings of Oman will be a healer for every tired soul. It’s just a peaceful land in the Arabian Peninsula which will amaze you with its rich cultural heritage. Thus, you must take the opportunity and indulge in some luxury travel Oman for getting the best out of your holidays.

Apart from getting soaked in the beauty of the nation, every adventurous soul gets the chance to be a part of the exciting kayak Oman. Feel the adrenaline rush and have a fuller experience in this Middle East nation. Also, there are a number of tourist places in Oman which have garnered the attention of more than thousands of visitors over the years. Be it Jebel Shams and the Wahiba Sands or Bahla fort and Bait Al Zubair, there are great places to visit in Oman that will leave you awestruck. With great flight and hotel packages, you get to have a comfy stay and also pay a visit to popular dolphin watching in Oman. Dolphins in Oman are in demand and you have all the time to yourself for clicking some pictures and having some quality time while you are watching. Hence, think no more, get Oman trip packages and enjoy dolphin watching in Muscat.

Off to the wonderland with cruise travel

Not everyone in the world love mountains but some people has a deep love for the sea. To fulfil your desire to spend some unforgettable times on the pristine water, Dolphin Khasab Tours has arranged dhow cruise Oman for fulfilling the demand of exquisite travel dreams. Oman dhow cruise or Musandam Oman dhow cruise allows you to spend few nights under the blanket of starry sky and it is nothing less than being in a fantasy world. Get glimpses of dolphins and also make halts in numerous popular spots, the vacation package deals will take you to historical sites which are oozing culture and heritage. Apart from all the serene sceneries, the fjords are waiting to narrate their prestigious past to you. Also go for some snorkelling and swimming sessions, in all your vacation will be filled with thrill after your avail the very best dhow cruise in Dubai from Dolphin Khasab Tours.

Being one of the leading online travel agencies offering value for money Musandam Khasab deals, you can completely put your trust on us for serving you with the best. From flight and hotel packages to relishing your taste buds with local delicacies, we do it all for you. Our cheap holiday packages suit all kinds of budget and thus, you can fully enjoy the ever-beautiful nature. So, why to wait any further? Without any second thought book your trip with us and grab the best holiday deals.